Urban Echo is an interactive installation exploring our relationship with technology.
A swarm of electronic objects decomposes the human voice and reconstructs it in space. Our unique voice turns into a voice of the swarm.
Carefully designed electronic components gain biological character. Usually hidden inside plastic shells, here are used as a form and visual identity of the objects.
Urban Echo is designed to be a platform, the behavior, and character of the swarm can change depending on the way it is programmed.
This project was created during postgraduate studies at the Creative Coding Department of SWPS University. Huge thanks to Krzysztof Goliński and Wiesław Bartkowski for mentorship and all the help.

Talk to the swarm!
Jutronauci, Koneser, Warsaw, Nov 17 2018
World Maker Faire New York on Sept 22 & 23 2018
Matter Of Code, Gdynia, June 2019
Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw, November 2019
Photos: Jankiewicz Studio & SWPS
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