Tinker Tape is a kit for children (5-12y) to play, hack and create. Our aim is to let children be the creators and not only passive users of technology. 
The main building blocks are adhesive paper tapes with printed silver conductive patterns, colorful stickers and flexible electronic elements.
With Yariv Ziv.
Among the electronic elements are colorful LEDs, buzzers, light sensors and batteries. They are easy to start with and fun for children to create with. One LED or one buzzer equals an infinity of possible projects! All the electronic elements are reusable after adding new stickers.
In addition to learning how to build simple electronic circuits, we wanted to emphasize creative tinkering, where children build and take things apart over and over, to get to interesting results. Our motto is “Hack & Create”. When kids understand how electricity works - they gain a tool to create whatever they imagine - they can hack their toys, turn themself into ‘robots’, add a twist to everyday objects or make colorful, electronic images.
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