Visual scenario and artefacts for the March of Remembrance, organised by Jewish Historical Institute in memory of Jewish children from Warsaw, victims of the Holocaust.
On 22 July 2012, 1000 Varsovians marched across the former Warsaw Ghetto, from a deportation point to former Jewish orphanage. The route was symbolic – from death to life. We equipped the participants with colorful ribbons with names of children who perished. The ribbons helped integrate and identify with the March and its meaning, they also acted as tangible artefacts representing intangible feelings. The names of the children written on the ribbons made the experience more personal. In the end of the March the participants attached the ribbons to a fence of the orphanage, creating a colorful monument dedicated to the children murdered during the Holocaust. The orphanage is still in use till the day, so our aim was to create something that would pay the respect to the youngest victims of the genocide, without stigmatozing the children who live there today.
This form of the March is continued by the organizers till today.
Client: Jewish Historical Institute
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