In-browser interactive widgets for visualizations of quantum states and operations, that can be embedded into online presentations, blog posts, articles, and explorable explanations. For anyone interested in quantum computing and quantum physics. Built in Vue.js.
This project was funded by the Unitary Fund.
Developed by Piotr Migdał and Klem Jankiewicz.
Download: GitHub - NPM
Complex numbers visualizations
We designed the tools to visualize ket vectors and matrices with complex numbers in a simpler way.
Complex numbers can be represented with amplitude and phase, both of which we show using colorful discs. The size of the disc represents the amplitude and the color (hue) - the phase of the complex number.
Matrix visualizations
Interactive matrices are intuitive and simpler to grasp. Users can easily change the base of the matrix or swap dimensions to choose the most suitable option.
Below is a Toffoli quantum gate shown in 0/1, +/-, and i/-i bases.
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