A kit for hacking and creating – and learning electronics along the way!

This is a proof-of-concept version which we use to test the project with children. We are simultaneously working on a 0.2 version.
We designed a kit for children to create and hack the world around them using basic electronic components. The main building blocks are colorful adhesive tapes and stickers, some of them conductive. Except for learning electronics, we wanted to emphasize the most creative part of the creation process – tinkering, where children build and take things apart over and over, to get to interesting results.

*Still looking for the right name!

side note

There is one interesting word both in Polish and Hebrew, that doesn’t exist in English, kombina/kombinować – finding a way to do something, a way that is not straightforward, not necessarily right or farsighted, but it works at that particular moment. Like fixing anything with gaffer tape.

This state of tinkering, finding interim solutions, although problematic on many levels, is also extremely creative and innovative. I want to capture this state and change the perception of it as something redundant.

– Klementyna

Set includes:

Conductive and not conductive tapes and stickers, LEDs, buzzers, photo cells, batteries.

Our first test set comprises of basic elements: LEDs, buzzers, light cells and batteries. They are very easy to start with, even without any prior knowledge in electronics, but they are also a lot of fun for children to create with. One LED or one buzzer equals an infinity of possible projects!

We plan to add more complex elements, also programmable ones, later in the process.

All the electronic elements are reusable, they can be used again with new stickers or tapes.


Klementyna Jankiewicz, Yariv Ziv

©Jankiewicz Studio